Apollo & Annie

Along the banks of the Scioto River in Grandview, there is a pair of Bald Eagles; Apollo and Annie and their 2 eaglets.

I headed over to World of Photography at their new store at 1104 Goodale Blvd and prepared to make a purchase.
I walked out with a used Sigma 150-600mm lens. Now to our second stop a few blocks away; the nest.

Parking was easy, you want to park in the small lot across from Camp Bow Wow. Then strap on the hiking shoes, you walk back to the road and walk the back side of the guardrail. BE CAREFUL!!! even though the volunteer group has cut back the brush, there are stumps sticking up, many are spraypainted bright orange but many are not. Keep walking until you find some benches and then look across the river and up in the trees.


Don’t look into the sun, you’ll go blind!!!!

It was talked about for weeks on every newscast.  Worse than when they warned Ralphie that he’d shoot his eye out with the Red Rider BB gun… You’ll burn your eyeballs out if you look into the sun without the special glasses….”    Yes, we are talking about the freaking eclipse of 2017.

Droves and droves of people flocked to a 70-mile-wide strip of land that covered places in the USA that you would never think of ever visiting.  Motels filled up and gouged travelers who dared to get into the path of totality, all leading up to a 2 minute 40-second-long moment where the moon passed in front of the sun and blocked its light.

I’m a sucker too!  On August 21. 2017 mom and I drove down to Cincinnati, while not in the path of totality, it would be 90% coverage.  Not knowing what we would encounter as we headed out to Ault Park.  What we found at 10:30 am was a group of volunteers and sky watchers from the Cincinnati Observatory setting up a canopy and 2 telescopes.  We left to find food and came back at 12:00 with there only being a few more people.

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Ohhh thats a nice photo, where was that….

When you like to take photos when you travel, or maybe you even like to just go for a drive and photograph old buildings and barns and such; you need to know where things were.

April 2016 I took a 4,000 mile road trip to the Grand Canyon and back, stopping along the way at many roadside places along the “Mother Road”, Historic Route 66.  I’m not sure if the Grand Canyon was the vacation, or if the Route was….

Summer 2017 was a cruise to the Bahamas, January 2018 another cruise to Jamaica, and Summer 2019 another massive road trip… This time to the Rockies, Yellowstone, and Mount Rushmore and all points in-between.

Needless to say, I shoot a lot of photos in places I would not remember where.  This is where having your photos Geotagged comes in handy. Continue reading “Ohhh thats a nice photo, where was that….”

Post Cards – making it personal

I remember getting post cards from my Grandma and Grandpa Garling when they would go to Texas, I always liked getting a post card from the road.

When we travel, it seems that every place you stop at sells postcards, while these cards are nice and have spectacular photos, they are not personal.   Here’s how to make them personal…. Continue reading “Post Cards – making it personal”

Get Your Kicks on Route 66 – Illinois Edition

Memorial Day weekend mom and I took a little trip to Illinois to drive on old Route 66

Route 66 begins in the heart of Chicago and travels south through Illinois, before entering Missouri and going Southeast, taking a small jaunt into Kansas.  Across Oklahoma, through the Texas Panhandle. Through New Mexico, Arizona and ending up in California.

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