Hello and welcome,

I created this website to share my love of photography with others, and to take you on the journeys to places that are unique.

This website will feature several different things:
  • Photos of events and clients that I have shot – Click Here
  • Photos of places I have been to and the experiences I have had traveling – Look for the category of Road Trips.
  • Instructional and informative posts on photography, travel and product reviews – Photo Tips and Instructions.
  • My general ramblings and Blog – My Blog

Why Photography?

Photographs capture a time and place and bring back memories.  I remember going to my grandparents house and looking through the old photo albums at photos of them and my parents and other family members growing up.  My parents were picture people as well, having boxes and boxes of photos and albums….

Taking an OK photo is easy, just turn the dial to the full auto setting on your camera; making a GREAT photo takes skill, thought process, and knowledge of your gear; well and the gear too.

What do I want to do with this website?

Well I want to use it to showcase my work, and take you on the journey with me.  I want to gain clients and sell prints. I want to provide tips and tricks to make other photographers great.

What will I find here?

I hope to write some helpful articles that will talk about some of the off-beat topics that have to do with photography, showcasing images I have taken, running a portrait and special event photography business, and just life in general.