No picking the wildflowers

On April 13th I went to Glen Helen Nature Preserve with one of the many photo groups I belong to.  The goal, wildflowers.

As always when hiking or really just leaving the roadway I took the handheld GPS with me.  This serves several purposes:  Help me find the vehicle if I were to get lost or come back a different trail, and it helps me to know exactly (well close enough) as to where I took the photo.

Notice below I brought up the screen on the GPS showing the exact time.  This will help if so if the camera’s clock is off I have a photo of the time that it should read (so I can shift the capture time).

Now remember I said this was APRIL 13, 2019….   Notice what date it says…. yeah neither did I until I got home. This was a software issue with this model of Garmin GPS, it required an update and me to manually change the date in the tracklogs so I could use the data.

Here we have some flowers.  The photo on the left is the unedited shot straight out of the camera, the one on the right is the edited one.
Click the images to see larger photos – they open in a new tab. I have included the settings for each photo.

Straight from camera Edited


Since somebody will ask what I used.  Canon Rebel T7i, Canon EF-S 55-250 f4-5.6 IS II

Where did I go:

Below is a Google Map showing my tracklog from the GPS.