20 Years Ago

Never forget, share your memories of 9/11. I have shared mine below

So i was working at a computer company in Piqua Ohio… go figure on the phone support team. I was on the phone with a customer and he said “hey did you hear a plane hit the World Trade Center”. As we were working through his problem… I had pulled up CNN online. Next thing i know my customer said “OH MY GOD!!! Another plane just hit the other one!!”

At that point, the world changed.

Back then I used to have a live webcam feed of my back yard at home, my computer also had a TV tuner in it. For some reason that day instead of the webcam being the source, the TV tuner was and it was on a news station. This was the only way we were able to get the unfolding news, as most of the news websites were inundated with traffic and were not able to be accessed.

Shortly after we were all told to get off the phone (tell your customer you’ll call them back and get off the phone now.). Nobody was calling in they were glued to the TV.

The next day was the weirdest day ever. Where I worked was close enough to be a high air traffic area. It was under an hour from the Springfield ANG and WPAFB and Dayton international….. nothing was up there that day. I can’t say much work happened the rest of the week.

The next November, a friend from New York invited me up and I said we HAD to go to the WTC site. I have about 300 photos from the trip.  I’ll share below.

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An update

So the whole update the blog while in the hospital did not work. So i am typing this after i got home.

Arrived at the hospital at 5 am and was up in pre-op by 6 am. Met many doctors, assistants and tons of questions.  

As usually I was a hard stick , so they ended up putting in the IV via ultrasound. As soon as they got the first IV in, they gave me something to chill out, then they numbed my arm up.  Then they put a big central line in my wrist.  I was shaved all over my chest, legs, groin.

I met my parents as I was wheeled into the OR, then it felt like a NASCAR pit crew began to work on me.  I remember somebody saying they were starting induction and I was told to breathe like normal.  I am certain that they had me under by 7:30.

Next I remember waking up in the ICU.  I wasn’t intubated, but had a full face CPAP mask on that was basically forcing me to breathe (I expected this, as I have used a CPAP for 15+ years).  

My parents were there at the end of the bed, they did not stay long, as frankly I was pretty much drugged up. 

I met my new bestest friend – my lung pillow.  Basically this pillow is what I will be hugging with every cough, move, stand, sit, car ride.  Basically I have no use of my arms for anything!  I sleep with this pillow all the time.

I think somewhere around 1 AM I got some ice chips. The BEST ICE CHIPS!!  I had a nurse 1 on one that night, I think he only left long enough to pee or get meds for me.

By 6 am that morning they were talking of getting me up out of bed.  The agreement was pain meds, let them kick in, and then I will attempt to get into the chair.

It was less painful than I thought, but I was so weak.  It was a process to get out of bed and that first time there were 3 people.  One grabbed my legs, one grabbed me by the shoulders from the front, and other from the back.  In one simple swoop legs over the side, a spin and sit-up on the edge.

I learned the rock 1, rock2, and up on 3.  I was standing, and spun a quarter turn and sat back down.  I think I got a breakfast of water, miralax, and apple juice.

At some point I was ready to go back to bed…. This did not end well.  My nurse 2 days later said they heard my screams. It was the worst pain I can describe.  I know I cursed, cried and screamed to get me sat up.  I cannot lay on my back flat.  They got me situated in bed.

Dad came over and visited, I was allowed lunch, which was chicken and noodles and mashed potatoes.  I was in and out of bed a couple times that day.  I had gotten my ipad that morning and they were so nice to charge it for me overnight on my charger.

You never sleep good in the hospital, and my favorite question through the night was “what time is it?” As I cannot see a clock with the lights down and my glasses off.

Friday I was up and in the chair for breakfast, facebooked a photo and FaceTimed my mom and some people.

Only problem I had was my bowels were not re-starting. This would take 2 days of not being able to go properly, loosing food for a day to let things simmer down.

As my bowels decided they were ready to work again I realized the most humbling experience you have….  Getting your butt wiped by somebody else.  I basically was not allowed to put my hands behind me.  I still now cannot put both arms behind me, above my head, or carry anything with both arms.

Healthcare workers. You do such a great job… and you probably don’t get half the thanks for what you do.  I tried to say please, thank you and I appreciate the help you’ve gave.

Friday afternoon they talked about moving me out of the ICU, but that did not come until Sunday evening. 

I was able to walk around the floor with a walker.  Which was 400 ft each lap.  So by Sunday I was able to do 2.5 laps over the whole day.

By Sunday night it was getting easier to get in and out of bed, or more tolerable.  I now only needed 1 person’s help to get in and out of bed, and go to the bathroom.

Monday they announced I was going home the next day and stuff was put in place for me to get help at home.

Tuesday I was given my discharge instructions and my brother came and got me.  By the time I made it home I was ready for some pain pills.

I am camped out in the living room in my power recliner for the night, I don’t count on seeing my bed for at least a week.

I slept good tuesday night I think, about 4 am I woke up and fell back asleep for an hour when I texted my mom that I needed up.  I am still not so sure about getting up alone, and that may not change.

My case manager at OSU said that they had gotten approval for a walker to be sent to my house and the insurance was going to pay for it.  Well  as of Wednesday evening, they are wanting a form sent in by the ordering doctor before they will send it to me.  All I got to say is that if this is not sorted out tomorrow morning I will be asking for a manager and getting loud (as loud as I can get).  

For Pete’s sake, I could have ordered one online and had it sent to the house already.  I have a primary care appointment and I am NOT going to be able to go without one.  Walking around the house is one thing, but I have to start therapy soon too.  I have to be able to get out and walk and I cannot safely do that without some place to brace myself or sit if I am out on a walk.

Mom got all my meds sorted out, like 15 different pills in all, is keeping me pain free as well

It’s go time! – 2:30 am 6/9

Ugh, I think I slept all of maybe an hour since I went to bed. I need to get up, get a shower with the Hibiclens soap, then my mom, brother and his wife are leaving the house. Dad will follow.
I’m nervous, but know I am in good hands, but still I try to stay strong.. I got my bag packed up, CPAP packed up, and we’re hitting the road.
Brother just picked me up and we are on the way

No picking the wildflowers

On April 13th I went to Glen Helen Nature Preserve with one of the many photo groups I belong to.  The goal, wildflowers.

As always when hiking or really just leaving the roadway I took the handheld GPS with me.  This serves several purposes:  Help me find the vehicle if I were to get lost or come back a different trail, and it helps me to know exactly (well close enough) as to where I took the photo.

Notice below I brought up the screen on the GPS showing the exact time.  This will help if so if the camera’s clock is off I have a photo of the time that it should read (so I can shift the capture time).

Now remember I said this was APRIL 13, 2019….   Notice what date it says…. yeah neither did I until I got home. This was a software issue with this model of Garmin GPS, it required an update and me to manually change the date in the tracklogs so I could use the data. Continue reading “No picking the wildflowers”

Landscape catalog on sale

I have decided to showcase and sell some of my landscape photography work.

These are photos shot all over the United States and a few in other countries.

Prices will vary by size and mounting options  All prints are produced in a renowned professional photo lab.

Click the photo below to view my other landscape photos.

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