Shooting a concert

So as you may or may not know.  I volunteer to cover media for a local Christian radio station.   I just finished shooting their largest concert, a 3 day event.    If you’ve attended a concert that they sponsored, you’ve see me.  I’ll be the guy loaded down like a pack mule with over 20# of camera gear, probably blocking your view (sorry, I need my shots).

This year it was HOT!!!!  I sweated so much that my ballcap was soaked in every inch and I never got in the lake or got wet.  I got sunburned good, not as bad as I have in years past… but with all the sweat I cannot put anything on my face as it would just run into my eyes anyway.

What all do I do? Well I take photos of the artists, the crowd, the station staff, and anything else I see.  I also take photos of the VIP Meet & Greets; this helps keep the line moving by only one person doing the photos.  I walk a lot! for the distance that I go…. From one side of the stage to the other, into the crowd, back stage for the VIP sessions and more.

Here are some of the images that I capture:

The stage is pretty good sized

The Meet & Greet Area

The band “Unspoken” before the meet & greet.

Dancers for Mandesa