Santa Claus is coming to town…….

The Jolly Fat Man is preparing to make his rounds and shimmy down the chimneys; but first he is stopping by for a photo shoot.

Nevin and his staff recently setup for photos with Santa at the Quincy Hometown Christmas.

We were able to shoot the photo and have a print made in under a minute.  This is accomplished by using an automated software setup coupled with a high speed Dye Sub Printer (not inkjet)

For those who want to know what equipment used:

How it works:

  1. Photo is snapped and given a unique file number by DSLR Remote Pro
  2. One copy of Hot Folder Prints creates a label for the back of the photo and prints it to the Brother label printer
  3. Other copy of Hot Folder Prints takes the photo and resizes it to a 4×6, adding the file number to the edge and my studio name and then prints it out.This all takes about 20 seconds from the snap of the shutter to the print ejecting from the photo printer.  An attendant peels the label backing off and puts it on the back of the photo and then puts it in a folder for the parents.