Team and Individual Photography

You deserve the best when it comes to your team and individual photos

Team photos are a great way to remember the fun that your athletes had with their teammates.  Our goal is to provide an easy and economical way for your league to have their team and individual photos taken.

We will work with you to setup a date for photos.  We can typically do smaller leagues in one day, and may need to come back a second time for larger teams or retakes.

Benefits for the league:
  • We offer each coach a free 8×10 team photo.  The league also gets a team photo of every team.
  • We offer a great commission based on the retail prices of the packages and extra items
  • We deliver orders back to the league or team within 2 weeks
  • Discounts on sponsor plaques.
  • Digital copies suitable for programs and other internal use.
  • NO COST TO YOU!!! – We don’t charge to shoot your league, our income is based on the sales of photos and products.
Plenty of staff

For a typical small league we will use 2 photographers, one for the individuals and another for the team.  Each is assisted by another staff member.

Our “front office” is staffed by us as well. These are the people who will be processing the sales, checking the order forms for all the needed information and keeping the schedule.

The shoot day

Order forms are provided in advance and orders are pre-pay and due on the photo day, with the option of late orders with an additional fee of $5.00

We will arrive early and setup near where the photos will take place. We setup our mobile work space and get ready.

Your teams will arrive at a scheduled time.  After the front office has processed the forms, the team as a whole is taken to the photo area.  The individual shots are taken and then the player is moved to the team photo area where they are posed for the team photo.  Every player will have their individual photos taken no matter if they ordered or not.

Once done, they are free to go and we start with the next team….

After the shoot

Our goal is to have all teams photographed on a single day, if possible.  We will enter all the information from the order forms into our database and prepare the order for our lab to print.  Orders are returned to us within 3 days of the order being sent.  Our goal is to have the prints back in your hands within 14 days at the most from the shoot date.

Completed orders will be packaged in envelopes and labeled with the player’s name and team.  We will deliver the orders separated by teams to either the league or the coach.

Packages and products

We strive to offer a good value for your families as well as be able to provide the best service that we can.  These are typical and sample prices… They can vary per league

  • Package A – $40.00 – (1) 8×10, (4) 5×7, (4) 3½x5, 16 Wallets, Memory Mate
  • Package B – $30.00 – (2) 5×7, (3) 4×6, 8 Wallets, 12 Mini Wallets, Memory Mate
  • Package C – $20.00 – (1) 5×7, (2) 4×6, 4 Wallets, 8 Mini Wallets, Memory Mate
  • Package D – $15.00 – (1)5×7, 4 Wallets, Memory Mate


Memory Mates  $15


Water Bottles, Tumblers, Metal Water Bottles, Mugs


Trader Cards