How to find the studio

We use the studios at R&L Digital Photo Lab.

The address is 2125 W 5th Avenue, Columbus OH 43212.  This is close to the corner of Riverside Dr (33) and 5th avenue.

For my Bellefontaine clients….

From Bellefontaine: Take US 33 to 270 South, Exit at Cemetary Road/Fishinger Road. Turn left and follow Fishinger through the Mill Run area and across the river. Turn right onto Riverside drive, you then turn left onto 5th Ave., Cross the train tracks and then make an immediate RIGHT.

Here is a link to Google Maps HERE

Street View: HERE

Here is the view after you turn from riverside drive (US 33) to fifth Ave. Orange arrow shows where the studio is.


Here is the parking lot and the door to go in at..


When Arriving:

Be early!  The studio rents by the hour and any lateness will mean you get less time.  In that hour lots of stuff happens that eat into the time.  Changing outfits, finding props and setting up the poses you want, and cleaning up/putting props back.

When you arrive, if you don’t see me:

Send me a text at 937-441-7899
I may be in the studio with another client (I tend to book 2½ hours at a time)

You can help make the most of your time by:
  1. Arriving at least 15 minutes early.
  2. Look through the hallways to see what you would like to have in the studio and your portraits.  If it’s in the hallways and we can get it through the studio door – we can use it!
  3. Have your outfit changes together.  There are restrooms if you want to get in your first outfit prior to the session, and each studio has a dressing room as well.
  4. Bring a parent or somebody who can make sure you look your best.
  5. If you are under 18 you MUST have a parent/guardian with you or your session will not happen.

What should I bring?

  • As many outfits as you would like, I don’t limit your outfit changes, the clock does.
  • For Seniors: Bring dress clothes like you would wear to church or a formal function and bring casual clothes that you are comfortable in.
  • For families: Bring clothes that match the theme you want to go with, clothes the kids are comfortable in, clothes you are comfortable in.
  • For small children: bring their favorite toy, stuffed animal, book, etc… something to keep them occupied.
  • Anything you want in the photo (sorry no live animals)
  • A smile and energy.  If you are well rested, happy and smiling it will show in your photos
What Shouldn’t I bring
  • No glitter, no glitter containing makeup, no clothing that has glitter on it.  Seriously glitter in the studio is a major no-no.  The stuff never fully comes up and can ruin photos with the stray reflections of light.
  • Stay away from things that have sequins that will reflect the light in weird ways.
  • Don’t bring people who are not going to be in the photos or directly helping you.
  • Animals – our studio rental company does not allow it.