Frequently Asked Questions

I just want to answer some frequently asked questions that many people have.

How many poses can I have?  How many poses you can have is dependent upon the length of your session.  I typically block an hour for semi-private sessions.  So if you can get 5 outfit changes in that hour, great!. It’s your time.

Do I have to purchase photos?. While the session fee is simply to cover our time, I would hope that if you like your photos that you will purchase prints. You don’t have to purchase the largest package or every pose. You can purchase your photos a-la-carte if you’d like, but the packages will always save you some money.

Why don’t you do sheet pricing? This is because our professional photo lab partners don’t charge us as sheets. Because of this, you have the ability to mix and match the packages. If your package includes 3-4×6 prints you can pick a different shot for each.  The only thing you cannot mix is on wallets, they all have to be the same on the 4,8 or 48 wallets.

Can I just get a CD? Yes, any pose that you purchase a print for, I will provide either a CD or online download of your images for FREE.  They will be resized to a size suitable for online posting and viewing.  The images will have a watermark in the corner that you are not permitted to remove.

If you would like a high resolution copy of the image with a release for printing, these are available for the cost of $75/ image.

Do I have to purchase a CD to be able to get reprints later from you. Absolutely NOT!
I just read that a popular portrait studio charges $80 for a CD of watermarked photos, and you have to buy it in order to have the ability to order reprints in the future.  This makes me scratch my head….. That CD probably doesn’t have the original high res files on it.  It’s just a ploy to get you to part with your money and it preys on your emotions.

While my contacts only require me to maintain a copy of your originals for 60 days; I have never deleted photos from my backups.  So why say 60 days…. Just to cover myself in case I have a catastrophic loss of data, and it’d have to be an end of the world issue because I backup on two separate hard drives and to a major cloud service after each shoot.

Ps: even the files on the high res CD are not the originals, I shot in a format called RAW that is never changed no matter how many edits I make…. I can always go back to what the image looks like right from the camera.

What does the session fee cover? It covers my time, both before, during and after the shoot and for the time it takes to edit your shots. I typically included a print credit with all sessions too.

You offered a special for a small amount a few months ago, can I get that price.  I try to offer a quarterly mini session shoot day.  During these you have a small amount of time, in addition to this is a date that I’ve set aside to do multiple customers who don’t need an hour time slot.  My standard prices are based on a 1 hour session and are semi private.

If you would like to save money on your session fee, refer a friend to us for an adjoining time spot and get $20 off both of your session fees.

How long will it take?

For your edits to be ready to review – less than a week, sometimes within 24 hours.

Receive your prints once ordered – usually a week, sometimes longer as we batch orders together due to minimum order requirements from the lab.